PeopleSoft Test Framework


SpearMC’s PTF solution and pre-built accelerators enable PeopleSoft customers to automate testing, reduce time/effort around testing, and improves the overall quality of the PeopleSoft product. Our PTF solution helps to deliver a library of PTF tests that can be used for upgrade, implementation and on-going support projects in PeopleSoft FSCM and HCM.

SpearMC PTF Accelerators

  • Replace or streamline manual testing with PTF accelerators for Unit, Systemic, Integration and Regression testing
  • Reduce effort/cost of PUM and regular enhancement project regression testing
  • Saves time for functional SMEs by replacing routine manual testing with PTF scripts
  • Saves time for technical developers by replacing routine manual unit testing with PTF scripts to help deliver higher quality code to SIT
  • Aligns consistent testing across environments
  • Tools to migrate PTF test cases/scripts across environments

PTF Implementation Approach

Let the experts at SpearMC guide you through PTF implementation
  • Resource Requirements: PTF Advisor, Test Lead, Functional Lead(s), PTF Script Developers.
  • (1) Update Test Strategy to identify appropriate PTF scope for each phase
  • (2) Train appropriate team members on PTF framework and best practices
  • (3) Review / update existing test documentation for the current testing initiative
  • (4) Evaluate test plans for common scripts and identify PTF automation scope (Test Suites)
  • (5) Install and setup PTF client application for each developer or tester
  • (6) Optional - Develop or buy accelerators to extend PTF automation
  • (7) Record test suites to be used by Tech. and Funct. project team members
  • (8) Execute test suites, review results and iteratively test
  • (9) Migrate PTF test scripts across environments per development migration path
  • (10) Maintain test suites - Delivered Audit reports identify script updates required when images or new customizations are applied to script objects