MBTA PeopleSoft Training

Sample training examples and material for review in consideration of SpearMC's response to MBTA RFP 248C-19 FMIS Upgrade Training Content Development

The YouTube clip above is an production example (visual/audio) of what MBTA can expect from a quality perspective.  This was produced as part of a customer training and implementation roll-out for PeopleSoft Open Enrollment. Below is an example of a full-featured two hour Query 9.2 Training Webinar.

SpearMC Differentiators: Content Development Approach, Adoptability and Relevency.

Proven Experience.  For over 15 years, SpearMC has been providing PeopleSoft consulting and training services to clients similar to MBTA including multiple engagements where CherryRoad was the primary integration partner.   Our trainers are not just ‘teachers of technology’, they have lived in the trenches and implemented alongside clients.  This experience enables us to tailor our content for each client and simulate real-life use cases that greatly increase comprehension and enthusiasm.

SpearMC number of hours dedicated to Quality Assurance in each stage.

The Standard is The Standard.  As PeopleSoft has evolved, our training has evolved, and we have done it all.  From thousands of instructor-led PeopleSoft training days (onsite/virtual) to Oracle UPK’s to Adobe Captivate recordings, SpearMC maintains the highest level of quality.  Our instructors/developers and project leadership will work together to ensure that all of our deliverables adhere to SpearMC standards with a focus on quality and consistency.  Our training lead will provide 80 hours of oversight with the instructors/developers.  MBTA’s account manager will provide 40 hours of QA at no cost to MBTA.

How SpearMC will approach materials accessibility.

Validate and Adhere.  Where applicable, SpearMC will adhere to MBTA’s Web Accessibility Standards when building content.  Our proposed schedule includes the creation of both a recording and a guide during the first month of the project.  This will enable us to incorporate an accessibility review with MBTA early in the project to ensure that our designs will comply with MBTA’s standards for both formats.  For Adobe Captivate recordings we had already planned to include a written transcript that corresponds to the recording.

Project team logistics: On-site vs Remote work. Required space and location to perform outlined scope of work.

Balance.  SpearMC will look to reduce costs where possible.  We will make every effort to conduct our MBTA client meetings (i.e., requirements gathering, content reviews) onsite.  Our remote weeks will focus on building content.  We anticipate up to 75% travel for the project.  Three workspaces for our instructors/developers will be required.  If the space is not conducive to recording content in a quiet, uninterrupted environment we would also need access to a small conference room, recording studio or quiet space.  The lead will manage the team, provide project oversight and PMO support.  All resources will require remote access.

SpearMC's outline first month of proposed project start.

Hit the Ground Running.  Prior to the start of the project, SpearMC will provide a list of requirements for project initiation.  The first week of the project will be primarily spent on planning and validating the timeline below.  Upon confirmation we will onboard our content developers/trainers who will begin working on content for PeopleSoft Basics and Accounts Payable.