Oracle Guided Learning for PeopleSoft

Accelerated PeopleSoft Adoption, One Step at a Time.

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OGL Success StoryLearn how Kaiser Permanente, working with Oracle and SpearMC, created over 340 guides across 14 PeopleSoft Finance and Supply Chain modules.
SpearMC is the exclusive Oracle University Reseller and PeopleSoft Learning Services Provider for Oracle Guided Learning in North America. More Info Here.

PeopleSoft Training powered by Oracle Guided Learning:

SpearMC can convert your old, ineffective materials currently dispersed in UPK, PowerPoint, PDF and Word documents, into a consolidated, interactive e-learning library full of the latest PeopleSoft PUM and PeopleTools features. Powered by Oracle Guided Learning (OGL), your new e-learning modules are updated on a regular cadence, and can be accessed by employees through their browser, “Help” links within PeopleSoft or through the OGL User Interface widget.

Why Choose Oracle Guided Learning for PeopleSoft from SpearMC?

  • SpearMC performs learning impact analysis on the modules and transactions with greatest benefit to end users.
  • We review your existing material available in-house and will enhance it with SpearMC’s PeopleSoft Training library.
  • Oracle requires a Guided Needs Assessment (GNA) as the blueprint for e-learning modules. SpearMC quickly ramps up this process by starting with steps from existing UPK content or other job-aids.
  • Don’t underestimate organizational change of OGL. Start an awareness campaign early. Target new users and those with new roles.
  • SpearMC’s Managed Learning Services will keep your OGL content up-to-date with each PUM.