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PeopleSoft 9.2 Campus Solutions Training available for Live Virtual or In-Person Training.  Our most popular course is combined with Campus Solutions Hands-On Workshop concepts can be geared for customers new to Campus Solutions or existing users with deep domain expertise.  Learn More Here.
PeopleSoft 9.2 Campus Solutions PTF (Test Scripts) now available.  Our gold library of PTF scripts for CS includes Application Designer Project and installation instructions.  Campus Solutions PTF Script Listing covers Admissions, Financial Aid, Campus Community, Academic Advisement, Student Financials.  Learn More Here.
Enrollment and Degree Planning
    Highly configurable support for planning and managing students’ progress through your degree programs, along with increased flexibility for you to offer more enrollment options and adapt to the global demand for easy access and usability.
Student Financing
    PeopleSoft 9.2 includes Financial Aid and Student Financials. Together, these modules form the most comprehensive student financials and financial aid management system available for higher education.
Learning Management Integration
    PeopleSoft's Student Administration Integration Pack now makes it possible for higher education institutions to automate the sharing of information between any learning management systems used on their campuses with their student information system
Mobile Campus
    Students expect to have immediate, personal, easy access to the information they need when they need it. PeopleSoft Campus Self Service Mobile solution gives them personal notifications and ready access to grades, schedule, and other registration processes on the mobile device of their choice.
Oracle Campus Analytics
    Oracle Student Information Analytics provides colleges and universities with the information they need to achieve goals for success. Institutions can access the data they need to increase student recruiting and retention rates, shorten the time-to-graduation, and monitor tuition awards and payments--all mission-critical business processes around which institutions are striving to improve metrics, drive down costs, and gain insight for powerful institution-wide decision-making.
Alumni Management and Fundraising
    PeopleSoft Contributor Relations helps colleges and universities develop personal, life-long relationships with their alumni and other supporters. Powerful functionality lets you manage interactions with diverse constituents and create strategies for the cultivation of prospective donors.



SpearMC, a long-standing HEUG Partner, is a Campus Solutions services provider at the forefront of the higher education industry.

Modules Supported

  • Academic Advisement
  • Admissions
  • Campus Community
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Financials
  • Student Records
  • Campus Self Service
  • Contributor Relations


  • Implementation Strategy
  • Upgrade Assessment and Scoping
  • Systems Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Mobile Fluid Deployement
  • 1098T Filing Enhancements
  • Grants - Labor Cost Distribution Module

Integration Accelerators:

  • Human Resources
  • Learning Management
  • Library Management
  • Fundraising
  • Student Recruiting
  • Research & Grants
  • Financials