PeopleSoft Grants Labor Cost Distribution

PeopleSoft Grants Solutions for LCD and Effort Reporting.

Healthcare Research, Higher Ed and Public Sector.

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Grants Expertise

  • Proposal Preparation
  • Protocol Management
  • Award Funding
  • Project Administration
  • Budget and Workflow

Grants Services

  • Clinical Trials Integration
  • Processing Best Practices
  • Implementations/Upgrades
  • Grants Managed Services
  • Automated Testing for Grants

Grants Solutions

PeopleSoft Grants LCD Bolt-On

Labor Cost Distribution and Effort Reporting Solution

Extends PeopleSoft Grants
    Provides PI's, Departments, and Grants Support insight into awards.
    • Labor Cost Distribution and Effort Certification
    • Total Professional Effort Planning
    • Redistributions and benefits calculation features and capabilities
    • LCD Workflow
    • 100% Custom Objects – minimal impacts by upgrades/images
    • Highly Configurable
    • Extendable within defined design conventions

Three Integrated Modules
    • LCD / Certified
    • Committed
    • Workload Planning

Cost Sharing and Salary Cap
    • Mandatory Committed Cost Sharing (MCS)
    • Over the Salary Cap Cost Sharing (OTC)
    • Voluntary Cost Sharing (VCS / VUCS)