PeopleSoft Grants

PeopleSoft Grants Management Experts.

Healthcare Research, Higher Ed and Public Sector.

PeopleSoft Grants New Features at HEUG Alliance 2020:

PeopleSoft Grants supports the key business processes that are associated with the administration of sponsored research activities.

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    SpearMC PeopleSoft Grants Management consulting professionals bring real-world experience and hands-on involvement to every engagement.

Functional Expertise

  • Proposal Preparation and Submission
  • Protocol Management
  • Award Negotiation and Funding
  • Project Administration
  • Award Administration
  • Budget Administration
  • Facilities and Administration


  • Grants Assessment and Strategy
  • Grants Processing Best Practices
  • Implementation and Upgrade Scoping
  • Managed Services for Grants Management
  • Labor Cost Distribution and Effort Reporting


  • PeopleSoft Time & Labor
  • PeopleSoft Payroll
  • PeopleSoft Projects and Contracts
  • PeopleSoft AR and Billing

PeopleSoft Grants Management

Experience Matters

Grants Portal
    Developed to provide Project Managers/PIs, departments, and grants support staff insight into awards.
    • View high level and detail level Award and Project information including demographic and budget status information
    • View detailed transactions
    • View summary and detailed personnel costs
    • Provide security access by PI, Division, Award or Project
    • Specialized search functions provided for Award Summary, Project Summary and Personnel Cost Summary
Grants Workcenters
    Grants WorkCenter which is designed to quickly identify and act to resolve key process exceptions across grants post award functions so that grants in need of attention can be quickly spotlighted and addressed.
Grants Assessment Workshops
    The current state Grants end-to-end business process are reviewed, and pain points were discussed and documented. Workshops are conducted in an order similar to the life cycle of a Grant.
    • Reporting
    • Configuration
    • Project Set Up
    • Payroll Redistributions
    • Pre-paid Processing
    • Budget and Contract Maintenance
    • Submodule Accounting Entries
    • Batch Processing
    • Transaction exceptions, Monitoring, and Reconciliation
    • Billing and Accounts Receivable