PeopleSoft Assessment and Roadmap

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PeopleSoft Get Current Webinar: PeopleSoft Assessment and Roadmap

Through the use of our PeopleSoft Assessment and Roadmap methodology, long-time PeopleSoft experts will assess your current application state and provide a recommendation through a best-in-class plan to get the full benefit out of your Oracle licenses.  This plan will allow you to visualize an ROI through the reduction of PeopleSoft boundary applications and by fully leveraging the software functionality that’s already available for you.

PeopleSoft Assessment and Roadmap Services:

  • Current State Discovery and Assessment: PeopleSoft Applications along with PeopleSoft boundary applications/feeder systems and the functions they serve.  Analysis of pain points and application gaps within your organization.
  • Recommended Two-to-Five Year PeopleSoft Applications Roadmap

PeopleSoft Roadmap Recommendation:

  • Strategically organized upgrades embedded with decustomization efforts
  • Infrastructure guidance
  • Data Purging and Archiving
  • Guidelines to leverage latest PeopleSoft Functional Tools
  • Automation for business impacted functions
  • Form Automation
  • Departure from spreadsheets and other external and manual data processing and analytics
  • Solutions for common pain points and labor intensive work areasoperations and reduce overall costs
  • IT and User Training
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning