PeopleSoft Runs Better in the Cloud

  • CHW’s IT department was concerned that their hardware and software were no longer actively supported by the vendor with upgrades, patches and technical support. They needed to address the risks that came along with these end-of-life technology challenges, including security vulnerabilities, software incompatibility, compliance issues, poor performance and higher support costs.
  • SpearMC helped CHW upgrade their legacy, server-based PeopleSoft platform to a next-generation cloud solution hosted on OCI. We began by conducting several days of on-site training with CHW’s team to get them comfortable with OCI and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. Then, a rapid lift-and-shift was performed to move servers, while maintaining CHW’s existing configurations to minimize disruptions. Lastly, SpearMC built a library of automated scripts using PeopleSoft Test Framework to help CHW complete faster, more consistent testing.
  • With a modern, cloud-based infrastructure platform and fully trained team, CHW has saved time and money while minimizing risk. Now, instead of working tirelessly to catch up on server updates and respond to issues, IT can focus on staying current with PeopleSoft software updates and start contributing more to projects that matter to the business.

"Thank you for your service to Children’s Wisconsin during the PeopleSoft Migration to OCI. Because of your contributions, our employees and the children we care for benefit from a safer and more reliable platform for running our applications."


  • SpearMC Case Study: Quest PeopleSoft Week Webinar Case Study on CHW (June 2020)

  • Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) had an outdated PeopleSoft platform that posed significant risks. Their on-premises data center was aging and did not have an effective Disaster Recovery solution. Thanks to a quick, affordable lift-and-shift upgrade to PeopleSoft running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), CHW has saved time, lowered total cost of ownership and reduced risk, all while transforming their IT organization from a cost center to a value provider.

  • SpearMC’s technical architects supported Oracle experts with CHW’s PeopleSoft migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • We provided custom-tailored on-site PeopleSoft on OCI and Oracle IaaS/PaaS training including PeopleSoft Deployment on OCI, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, PeopleSoft Update Manager and OCI Security Hardening.

  • Our OCI cloud adoption experts advised CHW management on business best practices related to cloud infrastructure architecture.

  • We built a library of tailored PeopleSoft Test Framework automated test scripts to conduct application testing consistently across environments and validate all migrations performed during mock cutovers.

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