SpearMC is a partner with Host Analytics – the leader in cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) with a complete platform for key EPM processes – planning, consolidation, modeling, reporting and analytics. SpearMC successfully implemented Host Analytics’ Planning engine for Credit Karma.

Credit Karma is a credit and financial management platform that provides free credit scores, reports and monitoring that is available to U.S. consumers via web interface from computer, tablet or phone. While accessing their credit information for free, consumers are pitched tailored offers for credit cards, personal loans and auto loans that match their profile. With analysis of more than 60 million members’ finances and employee growth in last five years from 27 to 400, Credit Karma’s budgeting and planning business process was becoming stressed.


  • Credit Karma experienced tremendous growth and needed a scalable and secure planning platform.
  • SpearMC worked with Host Analytics to design and implement revenue forecast models, cost models and workforce planning models within the Host Analytics platform for Credit Karma. Moving budgeting and planning out of a myriad of spreadsheets into the Host Analytics platform created a secure single source of truth for Credit Karma, allowed to quickly forecast more accurately, and generated what-if scenarios. The new platform enabled scalability of the planning process in support of Credit Karma’s growth.
  • SpearMC and the Host Analytics implementation team worked with Credit Karma’sfinance and accounting team to identify the dimensional data (accounting segments and hierarchies) from the NetSuite ERP, then loaded/ validated those data along with GL data and created a prototype of the application design.
    SpearMC worked with Credit Karma to identify improvements to existing revenue and cost models, then built out the revised models on the Host Analytics Planning platform. SpearMC also designed and built flexible P&L and expense detail reports.