Hospira, the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies, had attempted to implement an expensive technology project for two years with no results. They needed expert analysis to help them gain the benefits they sought from their technology.

Injecting life into a struggling program

The first step toward success was gaining control of key project activities and deliverables. Next, we helped Hospira restructure the project organization to drive solutions functionally across the business.

  • Fix an underperforming technology upgrade
  • proposed SOLUTION
  • Set strategic directions and refine methodology
  • Results achieved
  • Increased benefits and value from technology

SpearMC was able to get our project back on track. We had sort of lost our way, and they were able to lead us toward the success we had been working toward for a long while.


Once we helped Hospira set their strategic direction, we were able to help them by refining and cleaning up their data, and deploying our teams so that we could quickly and effectively resolve any major obstacles.

The project included delivering successful IT solutions for the following business components:

  • Revenue Management System
  • Sales Commissioning System
  • SAP BI Solution
  • Government Medicaid Reporting System

Reenergized for success

We helped Hospira bring about a change in overall methodology by teaching different techniques for controlling the overall spend and impact of multiple IT projects. Our leadership in program management, business transformation and project recovery helped to drive a great deal of value for their business.

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