Turtle Wax realized that the way their business and IT strategies were not aligned to help them maximize their efficiency. The problem was, they needed help selecting the right ERP software and assessing where they were currently at vs. where they wanted to be.

Aligning IT and business goals

Turtle Wax had already spent more than a year trying to select the right ERP software. They brought us in to help guide them through the process. We started by meeting with them to learn what makes their business unique.

  • Choosing an ERP system that’s just right
  • Proposed solution
  • Establish clear goals and evaluate options
  • Results achieved
  • An ERP solution that drives value and growth

We spent a year trying to do what SpearMC was able to help us accomplish rather quickly. There’s been so much progress made around here, I can’t imagine where we’d be without them.

How we did it

We started with a Capability Maturity Model Assessment to help provide insights as to how their IT strategy was currently functioning. After carefully listening to their needs and working together to establish goals, we implemented a strategic advance pricing system and an ERP solution.

The project included expert assistance in the following areas:

  • Establishing criteria and selecting appropriate ERP software
  • Aligning business and IT strategies
  • Implementing an ERP and strategic advance pricing system


Turtle Wax now has the capability to better understand the profitability of every order, SKU sold and customer. Our recommendations and guidance allowed Turtle Wax to implement an ERP system that drives value and growth while providing a strong foundation for the future.

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