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BECU, originally established to serve Boeing employees, is the 4th largest credit union in the United States. BECU asked SpearMC to move their PeopleSoft FSCM environment to the cloud.

  • “There have not been many things that appear different than when we were on-prem, performance or usage-wise. It was close to a nonevent. It feels like nothing changed except the URLs.”
  • With SpearMC’s assistance, BECU completed a simultaneous 9.2 upgrade and lift-and-shift of their current FSCM environment to Microsoft Azure Cloud, increasing their return on PeopleSoft investment, eliminating over 50% of customizations, and reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Migrated PeopleSoft environment from local servers to a modern, secure infrastructure with hyper-threaded virtual machines that are optimized for Oracle software


  • Increased IT resource efficiency
  • Increased ability to scale IT resources up and down quickly
  • Reduced costs of supporting internal hardware
  • Eliminated wasted licenses
  • Saved money, with no upfront commitment
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With over 11,000 employees and over 30 departments designed to service the citizens of Seattle, the city’s financial systems had become fragmented and inconsistent. They needed a new, streamlined system to support growth.


The City of Seattle required PeopleSoft 9.2 training for multiple modules in the Financials suite to begin a complex city-wide project. In order for the city’s project team members to make informed design decisions, they first needed to become proficient in new functionality available in their PeopleSoft modules.

  • Train and prepare over 11,000 employees for large-scale projects
  • proposed SOLUTION
  • Standardize and streamline business processes across departments
  • Results achieved
  • Efficient projects teams capable of handling city-wide projects

SpearMC’s knowledge and expertise in PeopleSoft financials, general accounting and government business practices was crucial to completing our project within our tight schedule.


  • Trained through hands-on delivery, including in-class exercises and design ‘tips and tricks’
  • Created a custom training plan focused on meeting key business and department objectives
  • Designed accelerated onsite training sessions that were compact, relevant and interactive
  • Standardized systems to streamline business process
  • Coordinated logistics and work schedules spanning twenty-eight days of training and ten PeopleSoft modules
  • Highlighted key areas of growth and efficiency provided by the software to encourage positivity and team building


Through SpearMC’s training process, we were able to provide the City of Seattle project team an exceptional foundation of critical design considerations across the full PeopleSoft platform of financial modules. SpearMC delivered onsite training and provided content tailored directly to the needs of city employees. Upon completion of the training program, project team members were prepared to design and deliver the optimized financial system consistently city-wide.

Social Finance Inc. (SoFi) is a leader in marketplace lending, with over $2.5 billion in loans issued. They help early stage professionals accelerate their success with mortgages, personal loans, refinancing and student loan options. SoFi offers individual and institutional investors the ability to create positive social impact on the communities they care about while earning compelling rates of return.


SpearMC is a proven expert in the Financial Services and Alternative Lending space. We have a solid track record of providing NetSuite ERP Implementation and Training services, and our expertise with lending and customer data platforms makes us qualified to tackle complex NetSuite integration challenges.

  • Migrate from Intacct and implement NetSuite with a tight turn-around of ten weeks.
  • proposed SOLUTION
  • Build an aggressive, yet carefully considered project plan that includes automated banking solutions, custom reports and three years of historical conversions.
  • Results achieved
  • After ten weeks of hard work, Social Finance (SoFi) went live on NetSuite. On the first day, over 1500 checks and ACHs were processed in NetSuite. Six weeks later, SoFi closed their first month in Netsuite, produced financial reports, and performed real time system analysis.

SpearMC helped us with our NetSuite implementation in a short amount of time. Our legacy accounting system was no longer keeping up and we needed to scale for growth.


  • Streamlined and automated accounts payable and bank reconciliation processes
  • Sped up close process and enabled real time data analysis
  • Utilized an advanced PDF layout feature in NetSuite to accommodate bank accounts
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Silicon Valley Bank, one of the world’s premier banks for innovative companies, wanted to upgrade their PeopleSoft financials software from v8.9 to 9.1. They needed help preparing for their upgrade and understanding the scope, approach, cost, timeline and resources required.

Providing expert analysis for a smooth transition

We needed to perform an extensive review of how Silicon Valley Bank used PeopleSoft Financials before making any recommendations. We sat down with Silicon Valley Bank’s team members for in-depth learning sessions about how they use the software. Gaining this knowledge allowed us to create a prioritized, step-by-step implementation plan.

  • Upgrading software without derailing
  • proposed SOLUTION
  • Prioritized, step-by-step implementation plan
  • Successful upgrade that maximized ROI

The SpearMC team was amazing to work with. They sat down with our business and IT teams to learn about how we used our software, and then planned out our upgrade. We felt like they were part of our own team, which made it easy for us to work together and achieve our goals.


We created a phased approach that included training before each new v9.1 feature we implemented, teaching them about some untapped potential in v8.9 and simplifying their base configuration so they wouldn’t have to rely on so many customizations.

The project included reviewing processes, customizations and configurations of the following PeopleSoft Financials modules:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Travel and Expense
  • eProcurement and Purchasing

Reaping the rewards of a successful upgrade

Silicon Valley Bank was able to retain their Oracle support, comply with new rules and regulations, and leverage new features in v9.1 after implementing our plan. The improvements allowed them to gain a competitive advantage and maximize their ROI on the software upgrade.

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Hospira, the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies, had attempted to implement an expensive technology project for two years with no results. They needed expert analysis to help them gain the benefits they sought from their technology.

Injecting life into a struggling program

The first step toward success was gaining control of key project activities and deliverables. Next, we helped Hospira restructure the project organization to drive solutions functionally across the business.

  • Fix an underperforming technology upgrade
  • proposed SOLUTION
  • Set strategic directions and refine methodology
  • Results achieved
  • Increased benefits and value from technology

SpearMC was able to get our project back on track. We had sort of lost our way, and they were able to lead us toward the success we had been working toward for a long while.


Once we helped Hospira set their strategic direction, we were able to help them by refining and cleaning up their data, and deploying our teams so that we could quickly and effectively resolve any major obstacles.

The project included delivering successful IT solutions for the following business components:

  • Revenue Management System
  • Sales Commissioning System
  • SAP BI Solution
  • Government Medicaid Reporting System

Reenergized for success

We helped Hospira bring about a change in overall methodology by teaching different techniques for controlling the overall spend and impact of multiple IT projects. Our leadership in program management, business transformation and project recovery helped to drive a great deal of value for their business.

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Chesapeake Energy Corporation, the second-largest producer of natural gas in the United States, successfully partnered with Deloitte on a PeopleSoft implementation. As the project grew, additional resources from SpearMC were required.

Developing relationships and solutions under a tight deadline

Typically, working together with other consulting firms requires an adjustment period, however, there was no time to spare for this project. We had to immerse ourselves in the project and immediately work well with new partners.

  • Partnering up to provide PeopleSoft solutions
  • proposed SOLUTION
  • Work as a team to emphasize our strengths
  • Results achieved
  • Successful implementation and a lasting partnership

It was truly impressive how well Deloitte and SpearMC cooperated to bring the project to the finish line. Both work together, to provide Chesapeake with PeopleSoft consultation and support. We are highly satisfied with the results.


At a moment’s notice, we quickly established a working relationship with Deloitte’s team and began providing functional expertise in PS Financials and assisting with the design of the end user training program.

This project included implementation of the following PeopleSoft V.9.1 Financials and Supply Chain, Oracle Database functionality:

  • Project Costing
  • General Ledger
  • Asset Management
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable & Billing
  • Inventory & Cost Accounting
  • Manufacturing

Teaming up for success

Our partnership worked so well that we were specifically sought out to assist with additional aspects of the project. This successful partnership resulted in the development of a comprehensive training program, consisting of printed documentation, online UPK content and instructor-led training.

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Turtle Wax realized that the way their business and IT strategies were not aligned to help them maximize their efficiency. The problem was, they needed help selecting the right ERP software and assessing where they were currently at vs. where they wanted to be.

Aligning IT and business goals

Turtle Wax had already spent more than a year trying to select the right ERP software. They brought us in to help guide them through the process. We started by meeting with them to learn what makes their business unique.

  • Choosing an ERP system that’s just right
  • Proposed solution
  • Establish clear goals and evaluate options
  • Results achieved
  • An ERP solution that drives value and growth

We spent a year trying to do what SpearMC was able to help us accomplish rather quickly. There’s been so much progress made around here, I can’t imagine where we’d be without them.

How we did it

We started with a Capability Maturity Model Assessment to help provide insights as to how their IT strategy was currently functioning. After carefully listening to their needs and working together to establish goals, we implemented a strategic advance pricing system and an ERP solution.

The project included expert assistance in the following areas:

  • Establishing criteria and selecting appropriate ERP software
  • Aligning business and IT strategies
  • Implementing an ERP and strategic advance pricing system


Turtle Wax now has the capability to better understand the profitability of every order, SKU sold and customer. Our recommendations and guidance allowed Turtle Wax to implement an ERP system that drives value and growth while providing a strong foundation for the future.

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Hyatt Hotels Corporation decided to implement PeopleSoft software at their hotels around the globe. Their Human Resource Information Systems teams had no prior experience with PeopleSoft and needed help and training to get the full value out of their new software.

Creating customized training for beginners

We knew that the employees at Hyatt had little to no PeopleSoft Experience, so we took a step back and started with the basics. We collaborated with Hyatt’s Human Resource Information Systems team to find out what areas we needed to focus on.

  • Introducing PeopleSoft to an entire company
  • proposed SOLUTION
  • Identify focus areas and train in context
  • Results achieved
  • Effective use of software to achieve company goals

The training from SpearMC was amazing. They knew that we weren’t well versed in PeopleSoft and were able to help us start from the beginning. We learned so much and have been very happy with the results.


We started with introductory PeopleSoft concepts like architecture and navigation. Next, we taught them some typical ways Hyatt utilizes the PeopleSoft environment and performed a review of their current company hierarchy and existing interfaces.

This highly customized training project covered the following areas of PeopleSoft HCM:

  • Position Management
  • eProfile
  • Managing hires, with the integration of Taleo interface
  • Employee benefits
  • ePerformance
  • Career planning
  • Succession planning
  • Query manager


Throughout the training process, we leveraged some of Hyatt’s previously created UPK scripts in an effort to expedite the development of training material. This helped allow us to quickly and effectively help Hyatt’s employees understand how to use their new software to help the company achieve its business goals.

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After 75 years of sustained growth, Alaska Airlines needed to accommodate new global reporting and regulatory requirements. However, they had no process or system in place to perform transactions in foreign countries without doing it manually.

Meeting new global reporting requirements

Alaska Airline’s accounting and operations in needed to comply with the different global requirements established by the local statutory department. We started by creating a project roadmap that would allow data from accounts payable and other sub-systems to flow into the general ledger without needing to do any conversions by hand. Reporting was configured to generate the required reports quickly and simply, doing away with spreadsheets and external systems. The Report generation is done directly from PeopleSoft, eliminating inconsistency problems. Our plan for procure-to-pay included implementing new functionality that allowed users to enter data in different currencies, and then validating and testing the functionality during vendor conversion.

  • Eliminating the need to manually convert foreign currency. New reporting and regulatory requirements, and electronic procure-to-pay invoicing.
  • proposed SOLUTION
  • Develop an agile roadmap with deliverables to quickly configure multi-currency and improve data consistency between sub-modules and GL.
  • Results achieved
  • Met new reporting and regulatory requirements.  Also met the need to automate conversions of currency for local and consolidated reporting from HQ in Seattle.

SpearMC helped pave the way for us to successfully meet Global regulatory requirements. We wanted to stay in a single ERP and they guided us with the right amount of confguration, reporting, business process change and training.

June 2019: PeopleSoft Innovator


We helped Alaska Airlines prepare their PeopleSoft Financial System for Global regulatory and reporting requirements using the following tactics:

  • Training end users on key issues related to foreign currency processing, regulations and reporting;
  • Developing custom training materials for end users;
  • Deployment of system functionality that allowed transactions to be entered in any currency;
  • Configuration of accounting templates to enable automated flow of accounts payable data into the general ledger;
  • Providing suggested business processes and preparations for the usage of multi-books;
  • Identifying and documenting configuration steps required to implement multi-books.


With our help, Alaska Airlines gained the ability enter data into their PeopleSoft financial system without making manual conversions. However, we didn’t stop there. We provided their team with extensive training for PeopleSoft usage and other subjects related to foreign currency usage faced by multinational companies. Alaska Airlines ended up with a fully transformed business process that set them successfully expand into new countries.

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