Kibana Data Analytics

Robust PeopleSoft reporting, analytics and data visualization

Next-Level PeopleSoft Data Analytics

Kibana for PeopleSoft provides rich analytics and visualization with performance enhancements – enabling better decision-making and improved understanding of your data. Kibana analytics do not affect transactional processing because analytics are run against Elastic indexes, not the transactional database.

SpearMC can help your organization build, customize and learn how to leverage Kibana dashboards. With world-class training and guidance by seasoned experts with years of experience in both teaching and hands-on implementation, your team can visualize and analyze trends to make even better business decisions.

spearmc quest oracle community

SpearMC Managing Director Gary Dranikoski shares the benefits of Kibana Data Analytics with the Quest Oracle Community.

How SpearMC Can Help

Our team will collaborate with yours to implement and optimize Kibana dashboards or teach you how to do it yourself.
Get expert assistance or training on:

  • Using, cloning and modifying delivered dashboards
  • Creating custom dashboards
  • Using, cloning and modifying Elastic indexes
  • Creating custom Elastic indexes and dashboards
spearmc kibana data analytics

Kibana Training Courses

Learn all about Kibana through SpearMC’s live virtual training, workshops or PeopleSoft All-Access Learning Pass.

PeopleTools 8.59-8.60 Kibana Analytics and Visualizations

A full-day course (including hands-on activities) to learn the concepts required to implement and use Kibana with PeopleSoft 9.2 application data.

Kibana Reporting Workshop

Apply lessons learned in the Kibana Course. (Often combined with the PeopleTools 8.59 training.)

Learn Kibana Foundations

Lesson 1

Intro to Kibana Analytics and Visualizations

  • Explore Kibana Analytics and Visualizations
  • Setting up Elasticsearch indexed application data
  • Learn about 18 pre-delivered PeopleSoft visualizations
Lesson 2

PeopleSoft Application Data in Kibana

  • How to expose your PeopleSoft data
  • Learn to deploy search definitions
  • Create index patterns in Kibana
Lesson 3

Creating Kibana Visualizations and Dashboards

  • Create a Kibana visualization and dashboard
  • Learn setting up pie, metric and control visualizations
  • Apply multiple visualizations to dashboard
Lesson 4

Add Kibana Dashboard to PeopleSoft

  • Embed a Kibana dashboard into PeopleSoft
  • Manage PeopleSoft fluid pages with Kibana
  • Configure PeopleSoft security with Kibana
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