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Oracle Digital Assistant

A natural, conversational way to use PeopleSoft

Create an Intuitive PeopleSoft Experience

PeopleSoft customers are transforming their end-user experience with chatbots and conversational AI interfaces. Oracle has delivered many chatbots for PeopleSoft applications leveraging AI-powered ODA cloud services. Get expert advisory, training, deployment and support services for PeopleSoft chatbots using Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) Platform-as-a-Service.

SpearMC Managing Director Logesh Balasubramaniam shares benefits of Oracle Digital Assistant on

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ODA Expertise

SpearMC experts help successfully plan, launch and maintain PeopleSoft Chatbots (PICASO) and ODA Platform-as-a-Service.


Business Case Development, Readiness Planning, ODA Pricing


PeopleSoft ODA Integration, Extending Delivered Chatbots


Leverage Chatbot Usage Insights, New Skills and Ongoing Tuning

Delivered Skills

PeopleSoft Intelligent Chat Assistant from Oracle (PICASO) refers to the complete list of chatbot skills.

  • HCM Absence
  • HCM Benefits
  • HCM Directory
  • HCM Payroll
  • HCM Recruiting
  • FSCM Expenses
  • FSCM Requisition
  • FSCM Supplier Public
  • FSCM Supplier Secure

ODA Minimum Requirements

spearmc oda cloud subscription

Oracle Digital Assistant Cloud-Based Subscription

spearmc oda peopletools

PeopleTools 8.57.07 or higher

spearmc oda hcm

HCM PI 21, FCSM PI 33, ELM 20, Campus 15, CRM 18

Delivered as part of 8.57.07, the Chatbot Integration Framework includes PeopleSoft configuration updates, installs for web server and chatbot skills to be imported into Oracle Digital Assistant.
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  What the experts are saying:

“The value proposition to implement Oracle Digital Assistant for a seamless end-user experience includes:

  1. Interactive, engaging UX that significantly improves user satisfaction through positive feedback;
  2. A single channel to accomplish multiple related tasks;
  3. Natural conversational UI cuts down on user training when rolling out new features.”
- PeopleSoft HCM Chatbot running on SpearMC's OCI Tenancy
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