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PeopleSoft Segregation of Duties Analyzer Tool

Modern Analytics for Streamlined Compliance

Monitor, Maintain, and Provide Evidence of Effective Segregation of Duties Controls

Virtually every organization relies on systematic segregation of duties (SOD) as a key internal control.  While PeopleSoft provides excellent tools for the design of security pages, permissions and role access, organizations must still ensure that their specific designs will drive desired SOD controls.

As permissions and roles evolve, users often gain or maintain improper system privileges. SpearMC’s Segregation of Duties Analyzer helps to prevent desired controls from eroding over time.

This pre-built, bolt-on tool provides organizations with detailed analytics related to SOD internal controls, regardless of how user security access has been defined within the PeopleSoft environment.

spearmc sod analyzer

Why Use the Segregation of Duties Analyzer Tool?

SpearMC's SOD Analyzer Tool is a licensed solution that provides management and auditors with detailed analytics related to internal controls and enables quick implementation. Benefits include:

Easy to Use

Regardless of how user security access has been defined within a PeopleSoft system, the SOD Anlayzer can be installed and configured to produce reports within days.


The SOD Analyzer supports internal management and auditors with quick analytics, without requiring training.


The SOD Analyzer is compatible with PeopleSoft FSCM, HCM, and CS Pillars.  There are over 500 pre-built SOD rules provided.  Organizations with Unified Navigation can even create rules across Pillars (i.e. between HCM and FSCM).

Support Operational Controls

The tool provides a key internal control, which can be easily monitored and reported so management and auditors can confirm its operational effectiveness.

Configurable Rule Sets

Provides organizations with the ability to create and maintain their own SOD rule sets, comparing any two pages within the PeopleSOft application structure for inappropriate access.

Built-In Analytics

The pre-built SOD Analyzer PeopleSoft Insight Dashboard provides key analytics to help security administrators quickly identify and remediate SOD conflicts.

SOD Analyzer Tool Dashboard Details

After installing the SOD Analyzer, and then evaluating and configuring your SOD rule set, management and auditors can use SpearMC’s pre-built SOD Analyzer PeopleSoft Insight Dashboard to gather key analytics. These analytics enable security administrators to quickly identify and remediate SOD conflicts.

Security Roles with Conflicts

Identifying and eliminating conflicts embedded within security roles will cascade the resolution to all existing users assigned the offending roles.

spearmc sod analyzer security roles with conflicts
spearmc sod analyzer top users with conflicts
Top Users with Conflicts

Identifying users within the system, whose access drives conflicts, and allows management to determine a remediation approach, which may include alternate mitigating control plans.

Add Filters to Fine-Tune Results

SpearMC’s PeopleSoft Insights Dashboard provides management and auditors with a wide range of filtering options to drill further into the details of existing conflict violations.

spearmc sod analyzer customize results
Featured Success Story | Fairview Health Services

Fairview Health needed to evaluate their segregation of duties controls within their PeopleSoft system. They turned to SpearMC to deploy their Segregation of Duties Analyzer Toolset. Within four weeks, Fairview Health was able to:

  • Deploy a pre-built SOD rule set
  • Modify/add their own rules through configuration pages
  • Evaluate and remediate identified SOD violations
  • Provide acceptable SOD evidence to internal and external audit authorities
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