Oracle Guided Learning for PeopleSoft

More than UPK's replacement — next-generation technology offering in-app guidance

Modernize Your PeopleSoft Training and Accelerate Adoption

Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) revolutionizes the way users interact with PeopleSoft. OGL is next-generation technology that offers in-application guidance without having to refer to an offline training manual. The no-code software seamlessly integrates with PeopleSoft and provides walkthroughs, helpful tips, self-help menus and task lists for a more intuitive experience for employees, students, customers and suppliers.

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From the Oracle blog: Cameron McClurg, VP SpearMC, shares how OGL revolutionizes the way we interact with PeopleSoft.

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The Value of Oracle Guided Learning

Oracle Guided Learning is a digital adoption platform (DAP) technology which offers an intuitive, real-time solution to your team. OGL will transform the way you support your users with more effective guidance at the point of need. Benefits include:

Ease of Use

Engages and guides users without a heavy-handed training requirement.


Enhances the user experience with step-by-step guides for navigating complex tasks.

Support Ticket Reduction

As users elect to receive guidance, support tickets are reduced as bugs are avoided, and support desk phone calls become unnecessary.

Built-In Analytics

Determine which guides are being used effectively, and collect feedback from the users.

Expedite the Launch of OGL with SpearMC’s Starter Kit

In addition to training and implementation services, SpearMC offers a Starter Kit to help your team fast-track development of OGL guides for PeopleSoft. The Starter Kit works immediately after importing it to your PeopleSoft environment, and our team provides training on how to update guides.

The Starter Kit contains:
  • Employee/Manager Self-Service
  • Applicant/Student Self-Service
  • Supplier/Customer Self-Service
  • Core Functional – FSCM, HCM, Campus
  • PeopleTools and Support Desk
  • Enterprise Components

Why Use SpearMC’s OGL Starter Kit?

Works out of the box

The Starter Kit immediately works in your environment. Simply turn guides on or off.

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Works for all PeopleSoft customers

Our guides will work in all PeopleSoft versions and deployment models.

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We provide training on how to modify the guides, add or remove steps, update language, links and logos. We will help you migrate to Search-Based guides or even to the Classic Menu.

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Templates to copy

Quickly copy and modify templates and techniques for Process Guides, Smart Tips, Task Lists, Launchers and more.


“So far the feedback from our UAT folks is tremendous. We are able to edit guides or clone guides with different fields in seconds.  I encourage others to follow the 80/20 rule – whereby 80% of OGL content comes from SpearMC.”

— PeopleSoft HCM/ELM Product Owner, State of North Dakota
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