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PeopleSoft Chatbot Readiness 

PeopleSoft Chatbot Webinar: Production Ready In 5 Simple Steps

PeopleSoft Chatbots Production Readiness

PeopleSoft customers can now transform your application User Experience with Chatbots and conversational AI interfaces. Oracle has delivered several Chatbots for PeopleSoft applications leveraging AI powered ODA cloud services.

Get expert advisory, training, deployment and support services for PeopleSoft Chatbots using Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) Platform-as-a-Service.

Now Available: PeopleSoft HCM Chatbot Accelerator and PeopleSoft Chatbot Training

  • Business Case Development
  • Chatbot Readiness Planning
  • ODA Pricing and Licensing
  • PeopleSoft & ODA Integration
  • Extending Delivered Chatbots
  • Optimize for Custom Usage
  • Leverage Chatbot Usage Insights
  • Deploy new Chatbot Skills
  • On-going Tuning & Optimization


Today more than ever before, you have the ability to configure PeopleSoft for a tailored experience unique to your organization, without the burden or overhead that come with costly customizations