Thought Leadership and Events

Sponsoring events, hosting forums and authoring research is an integral part of our DNA.

PeopleSoft Knowledge Sharing

Sponsoring Oracle events, hosting PeopleSoft forums and authoring technology research are just a few of the ways we stay at the forefront of our industry. A Gartner recognized thought leader, SpearMC regularly presents valuable insights into the latest PeopleSoft trends and technologies.

Recent and Upcoming Events
March 3-6, 2024: HEUG Alliance (Phoenix)
May 7-10, 2024: PeopleSoft Reconnect at Blueprint 4D (Dallas)
June 19-12, 2024: HIUG Interact (Palm Springs)
Oct 23-26, 2023: PeopleSoft RECONNECT Virtual Conference
Oct 30-Nov 1, 2023: HEUG Australia (Brisbane QLD)
HEUG, HIUG, OATUG and PeopleSoft Healthcare Forum


Higher Education User Group (HEUG)

The HEUG is the premier PeopleSoft global user community for Higher Ed

Healthcare Industry User Group (HIUG)

Interact is the largest PeopleSoft annual meeting of Healthcare Industry users.

PeopleSoft Regional Healthcare Forum

The only Regional PeopleSoft Forum dedicated to Healthcare

Oracle Applications Technology User Group (OATUG)

Ascend 2023: Elevating Insights for the Oracle Community
Oracle Cloud World and Quest PeopleSoft Events


PeopleSoft RECONNECT at Blueprint 4D

Find PeopleSoft innovation, education and connections at RECONNECT Live!

PeopleSoft RECONNECT Dive Deep Virtual!

Dive deep into practical PeopleSoft learning at RECONNECT Dive Deep – Virtual!

Oracle CloudWorld

Meet SpearMC at CloudWorld in Las Vegas on September 18-21, 2023

PeopleSoft India Special Interest Group

SpearMC is a collaborator with the PeopleSoft India SIG, an annual event conducted by the Oracle PeopleSoft development organization.

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