spearmc CEI

Amid fast growth, Cupertino Electric Inc. (CEI), an engineering and construction firm, was stretching their planning processes and analytics systems to the limits. With SpearMC’s assistance evaluating their infrastructure and implementing Oracle EPM Cloud, CEI created a solution for planning, consolidation, reporting and analytics to help them make faster, more informed decisions.

The Challenge Presented

CEI’s homegrown budgeting tool and planning processes were unable to support their fast growth. The system did not provide the timely information that management required, and versioning and budget consolidation were difficult and time-consuming.

Proposed Solution

SpearMC implemented a new budgeting system and modified CEI’s processes to improve planning and forecasting. The new, cloud-based planning model utilizing Oracle EPM Cloud instead of Excel provides better functionality, increased flexibility, enables deeper planning capabilities and improves data integrity and accuracy.

How SpearMC Helped CEI Succeed
  • Evaluated and implemented Oracle EPM Cloud to support a more efficient, effective planning model that reflects CEI’s current business and future growth
  • Moved from an Excel-based budgeting model to a cloud-based system that is faster, easier and scalable
  • Delivered training for end users and administrators to ensure ease of use
Results Achieved

CEI’s budgeting process is significantly more thorough and efficient. The company can now quickly analyze “what if” scenarios, generate detailed reports, plan more strategically and create both annual and monthly forecasts for better visibility into their business.