spearmc seattle cancer care alliance

The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) had outgrown the system they shared with their alliance partner. The time had come to take ownership and modernize this system, applying only SCCA requirements for business process and data capture. SCCA needed a partner to help them take on ownership of their own system, processes and data.


Overcoming years of “institutionalized” thinking, and accepting and embracing a modernized approach to transactional data capture and reporting.


To utilize proprietary ERP Implementation and Upgrade methodology. SpearMC understood the complexity involved in meeting SCCA’s needs. Starting with the end in mind, SpearMC articulated the data elements that were critical for transactional capture. Mapping these elements to the ChartField structure quickly defined the future-state design.

SpearMC used a multi-phase approach to harmonize transactional data elements, modernize the financial system and deploy enhanced business processes throughout the organization.

  • Migrated to an “in-house” PeopleSoft environment
  • Reduced customizations by 80%
  • Harmonized ChartFields to represent required, singular definition
  • Modernized and updated the FSCM applications
  • Deployed new features and functionality
  • Developed long-term PeopleSoft Upgrade Manager approach for sustained maintenance
  • Improved business processes which significantly increased user adoption rates
SpearMC’s methodology allowed for a focus on business process redesign, with the goal of customization reduction. The system was modernized with significant user adoption rate, reduced customizations and data capture to assist in long-term business evaluation. All project team members were trained on future system functionality as well as SpearMC’s methodology.

“SpearMC’s ChartField Harmonization and Business Process Redesign efforts allowed us to focus on the elemental level of data capture, with reporting needs as our end goal in mind.”