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2022 PeopleSoft Innovator.  St. Petersburg College migrated their PeopleSoft systems to OCI. In addition, in conjunction with their partner SpearMC, they have deployed Fluid UI and used delivered configuration frameworks to reduce customizations.

St. Petersburg College (SPC) is running PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, HCM, Finance, and Interaction Hub enterprise applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. SPC moved PeopleSoft infrastructure from on-premises to OCI in March, 2019, with all in-house staff and with Oracle’s help. The migration to OCI was more than just a, “lift and shift.” SPC converted all web and application servers from Windows (bare metal and VMs) to Linux VMs in OCI. OCI services enhanced the College’s disaster/business recovery strategy while improving efficiencies in infrastructure management, environment provisioning, and maintenance.

SPC upgraded all their applications to PeopleTools 8.58 and deployed Fluid UI on their enterprise portal in March, 2021. As part of the PeopleTools 8.58 upgrade and fluid conversion of enterprise portal, SPC has also adopted PUSH notification that consolidated notifications from all product pillars to replace the worklist functionality that was in use in the classic version.

During OCI migration and PeopleTools upgrade, SPC used Sierra-Cedar consulting services to assist with the project work.

In conjunction with the upgrade project, SPC partnered with SpearMC on a HCM transformation project to implement Personnel Actions using Guided Self-Service (GSS) for Managers with workflow approval functionalities to replace their in-house developed MS access database system (PAAR) and associated manual processes.  Project action items included:

  • PUM patching to get current up to image 36.
  • Establishing Guided Self-Service for managers to cater 12 different personnel action requests.
  • Setting up dynamic, transaction specific approvals and email notifications with up to 5 different levels.
  • Establishing a Fluid Delegation Framework to enable senior managers to delegate to department administrators.
  • Extending Guided Self-Service to create new personnel action requests to support hire/rehire/additional job, additional pay, and position requests.
  • Using Fluid Drop Zones to add multiple custom fields to GSS pages.
  • Using Page Composer to enable custom fields on fluid approval pages.

Delivered GSS functionality, extended with various configuration frameworks like delegation, page composer, and drop zones, has allowed SPC to completely replace a standalone system and consolidate the processes within the PeopleSoft HR system. The project went live in March, 2021.

Screenshots of UI / Interaction Hub / Employee Portal

Oracle has recognized SpearMC for our specialization and deep expertise in their products. This success story was originally published on Oracle’s website as an example of how organizations are unlocking their potential with the help of our team and Oracle solutions.