spearmc temple health university

2022 PeopleSoft Innovator. Temple University Health System used PeopleSoft to improve the overall user experience for their employees. All of the employees’ electronic job descriptions were made available through PeopleSoft Employee Self Service allowing managers to view job descriptions for their team members through Manager Self Service. This allowed the managers, and their direct reports, to clearly understand what is expected from them, setting distinct expectations and improving job performance.


Our team made our electronic job descriptions available to all employees through PeopleSoft Employee Self Service and then Managers for their team members through Manager Self Service. Employees can now access their job descriptions through a tile in Employee Self Service called, “Job Details.” Once they enter the tile, they can click, “View my Job Description” and a copy of their job description will run based on the job code that is attached to their position. From the manager viewpoint, job descriptions for their employees can be accessed through the delivered Reports tile. Once they select this tile, there is a tab on the left called, “View Employee Job Description.”  Once they select this tab, a chart of all employees and vacant positions that report to them will appear. The chart will have details about the employee such as their employee ID, employment status, position number, job code, and job title. There will be a button that says select, bringing one to a page with the option to click a button to View that employee’s job description.

This enhancement is critical to the success of our organization and is innovative as it combines delivered tables and processes from PeopleSoft to provide crucial information to managers and employees. On the employee end, it helps drive performance as they have access to this document at their fingertips and are able to clearly see what is expected of them. Part of our performance evaluations rate employees on their ability to perform their job and if they are not aware of what’s expected of them, they cannot perform their jobs to the best of their ability.

On the manager end, having access to the job descriptions for their employees helps with compliance, performance expectations, and recruitment. Managers are required to make sure that their employees have reviewed and are aware of their job descriptions and requirements. Now they do not have to go through an HR employee in order to stay compliant and make sure that expectations are clear for their employees. In addition, when they are ready to start recruiting for an empty position, they have access to review the job description before submitting a requisition to ensure that the job description is updated and correctly reflects what is needed for the department.

Oracle has recognized SpearMC for our specialization and deep expertise in their products. This success story was originally published on Oracle’s website as an example of how organizations are unlocking their potential with the help of our team and Oracle solutions.