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About This Contract

Award of TX DIR Information Technology Staff Augmentation Contract (ITSAC) authorizes SpearMC Consulting to provide temporary IT staffing services to over 6,500 agencies, including state agencies, institutions of higher education, K-12, local governments, assistance organizations and out-of-state customers.

Additional Resources
Texas DIR TSAC Overview Datasheet
Texas DIR Contract Program Overview
ITSAC Titles and Descriptions
Established Fee Structure

How to Contract (Obtain a Quote and Issue a PO)

SpearMC Contract Number: DIR-CPO-4635

Customer Provides IT Staffing Requirements

Customer contacts SpearMC with IT Staffing requirements.
The description of services should list the following:
– Position description and job duties
– Point of contact and submittal deadline
– Other required materials, skills or preferences

SpearMC Confirmation

SpearMC confirms immediately and assigns ITSAC recruiter.

Customer Candidate Review

Customer receives candidates and performs evaluation.

SpearMC Interview Coordination

SpearMC coordinates interviews for selected candidates.

Customer Selection Process

Customer makes a selection and sends SpearMC a PO with DIR Contract Number: DIR-CPO-4635.

Contact Us to Learn More and Get Started

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Susan Caranante, Training Coordinator
5900 Balcones Drive, Suite 4000
Austin, TX 78731
CMBL Vendor ID: 1470937480600

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