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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center acquired another regional hospital to expand their reach within Southern California. As a result of this acquisition, business processes and corresponding systems needed to be evaluated for replacement in order to leverage common best practices enterprise-wide. Careful consideration was given to standardization of patient-related systems, with administrative systems receiving less focus or attention.


Growth through acquisition is an ongoing trend in the healthcare industry. Through acquisitions, organizations such as Cedars-Sinai are able to expand branded services into new markets quickly, while improving performance and eliminating excess administrative costs. As Cedars-Sinai executed this approach, they quickly came to realize the complexities of integrating their many business systems. Further, they needed to ensure their conversion of administrative systems would not impact the timeline for converting higher priority patient-related systems. While the administrative systems were seen as a lower priority, their conversion could not cause delays in higher priority efforts.


Cedars-Sinai turned to SpearMC to develop a strategic and repeatable approach to convert and integrate financial data in a phased manner. The proposed solution included a “system-agnostic” flexible mapping technology that could be used for both historical data conversion as well as ongoing system integrations.

  • Provided a phased roadmap for legacy system deprecation
  • Accelerated the path to a single source of truth for financial reporting
  • Developed a repeatable and configurable toolset for future acquisitions
  • Delivered training to new users of the financial system
In just eight weeks, SpearMC deployed the Mapper toolset, which was used to convert eight years of detailed financial transactions. The toolset was used for ongoing interfaces from legacy systems, allowing a gradual deprecation of such sources when ready. Consolidated reporting is performed in a single source of the truth for current and historical reporting purposes.