Fairview Health needed to evaluate their segregation of duties controls within their PeopleSoft system. They turned to SpearMC to deploy their Segregation of Duties Analyzer Toolset.  Fairview Health’s journey with SpearMC underscores the transformative power of the right technology and expertise. By leveraging the Segregation of Duties Analyzer Toolset, Fairview Health not only met their immediate compliance needs but also set the stage for continued operational excellence and regulatory confidence.


Fairview Health, a leading healthcare provider, faced a critical challenge: evaluating and enhancing their segregation of duties (SOD) controls within their PeopleSoft system. With regulatory requirements tightening and the need for robust internal controls becoming ever more pressing, Fairview Health sought a solution that was both comprehensive and efficient.


Enter SpearMC. Known for their expertise in PeopleSoft solutions, SpearMC provided the perfect tool: the Segregation of Duties Analyzer Toolset. With its advanced capabilities, Fairview Health was confident they had found the right partner to address their needs.

In just four weeks, Fairview Health and SpearMC successfully implemented the SOD Analyzer Toolset, achieving remarkable results:

  • Seamless Deployment: The pre-built SOD rule set was swiftly deployed, allowing Fairview Health to hit the ground running without any delays.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Through user-friendly configuration pages, Fairview Health could easily modify existing rules and add new ones tailored to their unique requirements. This flexibility ensured the solution was perfectly aligned with their operational needs.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation and Remediation: The toolset enabled Fairview Health to thoroughly evaluate and promptly remediate identified SOD violations, significantly strengthening their internal controls.
  • Audit-Ready Documentation: Fairview Health could provide robust SOD evidence to both internal and external audit authorities, demonstrating their commitment to compliance and transparency.
By partnering with SpearMC, Fairview Health not only enhanced their SOD controls but also experienced broader benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency: Automated processes and streamlined workflows saved valuable time and resources.
  • Improved Compliance: Enhanced controls and thorough documentation ensured Fairview Health met stringent regulatory standards with ease.
  • Greater Confidence: With robust internal controls in place, Fairview Health could focus on their core mission of providing exceptional healthcare, knowing their systems were secure and compliant.