spearmc hackensack meridian health
The Challenge

Organizations naturally store more data over time, especially as they grow. Add acquisitions into the mix, and storage needs increase exponentially. Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) had over 20 years of data in their FSCM 9.2 system and noticed it was getting slower and slower. With the acquisition of three more hospitals, concern grew that additional data would further bog down HMH’s system.

Proposed Solution

SpearMC completed an in-depth analysis of HMH’s database to project data growth and pinpoint the top 100 largest tables. Upon reviewing the pie charts and pivot grids, HMH’s product module experts discussed performance issues and recommended which data to archive. SpearMC provided additional guidance on how to reconcile transactions (a requirement before archiving), provide custom templates to save HMH time creating their own and deliver step-by-step instructions for ongoing archiving.

Services Provided
  • Data Archive Analysis Toolset
    Increased visibility by delivering a toolset that analyzed HMH’s entire PeopleSoft database and tracked data growth trajectory.
  • Custom Data Archive Templates
    Saved significant time by providing custom data archive templates not delivered by PeopleSoft and improving existing templates that were performing poorly.
  • Transaction Status Guidance
    Minimized frustrating obstacles by advising the HMH team on how to reconcile and close PeopleSoft transactions for faster archiving.
  • Data Archive Procedures
    Ensured long-lasting results by delivering instructions and procedures for ongoing archiving.
Results Achieved

With SpearMC’s Data Archiving Service, HMH alleviated performance concerns and increased system speed by archiving several years of historical data from their main product modules.

Upon completion of the initial archival, the tools and documentation needed to repeat the process every year are now available. Gone are the concerns over data growth with future acquisitions.