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The Challenge

HMH was falling behind on implementing PeopleSoft updates. They needed a way to reduce the amount of time and effort spent on testing, without sacrificing quality or increasing risk.

Proposed Solution

SpearMC collaborated with HMH to analyze which systems and processes were the best candidates for automated testing. Once identified, a custom library was built to meet their needs.

Following automated testing after each update release, HMH receives an evaluation report outlining potential issues and recommending a selective adoption strategy.

Services Provided
  • Customized a PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) library of test scripts to automate testing for Oracle updates
  • Evaluation reports and selective adoption recommendations to identify which updates to adopt and which ones to delay
  • Support subscription with SpearMC allowing HMH the time to spend critiquing updates (rather than testing and evaluating) and focusing on value-add work
The Results

A repeatable library of automated test scripts has saved HMH thousands of hours, and the savings continue to grow. With the SpearMC team managing the majority of testing and evaluating, HMH now has the ability to redeploy resources to other valuable work.